Poopazon is an experiment based around one simple question:

Is it possible for consumers to unite and change how corporations treat their employees?


This site and all its content are created purely for the act of parody, entertainment, and education. Poopazon.com is an entirely separate entity from Amazon.com and is not to be confused. Poopazon.com is transformative. The Poopazon logo (a curved stick, in the shape of a banana, with poop on the end and a primate defecating), message, website, and social media efforts are designed to create commentary and encourage consumers to make educated decisions about their consumer practices. Poopazon.com is a nonprofit entity, the nature of Poopazon.com is creative and fact based (as numerous reports have been made regarding employees defecating in bottles and bags while on the job), and lastly, Poopazon.com is not designed to defame Amazon, but rather to encourage Amazon.com to listen to the needs of their employees. Poopazon.com is based on artistic and First Amendment expression, any and all users of the site do so of their own free will.